Dryer Repair Santa Monica

Whether you have used the dryer only for a short time, or are using it for quite a long time now; you shouldn’t be surprised to see a problem crop up in the course of time. In fact, like any other appliance, even a dryer can experience a large numbers of issues. Therefore, instead of getting worried about the problem, you should look for a professional that deals in dryer repair in Santa Monica. It is best not to handle the problem by yourself, because the severity of the problem can be huge. Dryers are complex appliances that have intricate wiring and electronic parts. A layman can and should not try to work on them. You could end up damaging the machine permanently. A far better idea would be to call in a Privy Appliance Repair, and let our staff handle the service.

Getting the Best Services

If you are confused about a selection from the companies who offer dryer repairs, you can expect the best services from Privy Appliances. In fact, we’d like to be your first choice for dryer repair in Santa Monica, and we can bet that your dryer will start functioning like before. We work on all major brands and models and offer a complete guarantee of our services. We will make efforts to exceed your expectations in terms of the service we offer. Our qualified technicians will understand the exact problem and fix it accordingly.

No Hidden Fees

We will attend to your problem as soon as you call on us. Thus, you need not wait to get our services. Our team of skilled technicians will readily appear at your door offering comprehensive dryer repair services in the Santa Monica area. Moreover, we do not charge any hidden fees, because we don’t like it either. We will give you an estimate of the expense involved in repairing, and we will charge the same rate. If you want, you can also compare with other service providers to find out what they charge. We can also assure you that we will never compromise with our services. As a licensed, bonded and insured service, we have a stringent standard for hiring the technicians. Each of them has cleared all mandatory state background checks, and is experienced about all aspects of appliance repair.

Giving Complete Satisfaction

For any problem you call us with, our goal is to offer complete satisfaction. We are looking forward to working with you to prove, and improve, the quality of our services. After repairing the problem, our technicians will also give you expert tips on maintenance and servicing frequently. This in turn will cause no problems to your dryer in the future years; and you can continue enjoying its benefits. All our technicians are state licensed experts, with many years of work experience in this field. Therefore, they can attend to your problem in the best way.

To make sure that our technicians stay abreast of the latest in the appliance repair industry, they attend mandatory training and workshops. This ensures that they can work on the latest appliances to hit the market; apart from working on all older models and make.

Subscribe to the preventive maintenance package

We offer a low cost preventive maintenance package that takes care of all your dryer requirements. One of our licensed technicians will make scheduled visits, and check for any malfunction. They will clean it and if there are minor repairs to be done, it will be done immediately. This brings down the cost of repairs in the long run and allows the dryer to work to its optimized efficiency.

Check Our Testimonials

If you want, you can check our testimonials to get an idea of what our clients have to say about us. We have established a niche for our company in the market; and we aim to expand the client base. The latest tools and standards we use not only help us in quick identification of the problem, but also getting to the dryer repair in the Santa Monica area at the earliest. Since we make on-site repairs, there is no need to move the appliance. Just give us a call or click on ‘Contact Us’ to avail our services.